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MY POV: I view strategic foresight and knowledge dissemination as a non-hierarchical, relational practice. Each stage of research, from the “why” behind a project to the ways in which intelligence is gathered and designed, is a deeply intentional and collaborative engagement. I believe the investment in equitable and ethical processes lends itself to a lasting product. 

As we move exponentially further into the information age, it is vital to rethink approaches to the study of human behavior, culture, and critical social issues. With terminology like “mining” and “hunting” dominating the quest for trend discovery, it has been my personal career mission to re-orient us away from extractive research practices in the futures industry. 

Thought stewardship is an alternative phrasing I employ that attempts to reimagine a top-down, first-to-the-table research sensibility.

CURRENT TOPICS: Much of my commissioned research has revolved around youth culture, the state of democracy in America, climate futures and alternative economies. I also work directly with founders at the forefront of paradigmatic shifts in community building, image making and emergent technology.




co-founder and editorial director

Browntourage (2010-2019) was a media agency and think tank spanning curatorial projects, experiments in interactive media, brand collaborations and a custom built platform for media and design moments that are forward thinking and socially conscious. Browntourage held a commitment to diversity in aesthetics, community building, anticipating socio-cultural trends and promoting the conscious consumption and production of culture.




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PERCEPTIVE DISSOLVE: the case for soft data and its futurist ecological applications, encourages us to ideate new climate realities through, as John Dewey alludes to, "hazardous ideas." Borrowing from the notion of "data mining" to analyze and predict consumer trends, this presentation offers an alternative way to capture insights about the Earth rooted in regenerative thinking and artistic representation. The dissolve is a counter-intuitive gateway for lensing and conjuring trends that create helpful language, aesthetics and strategies for the well-being of all beings.


is the first study and essay for my Somewhere Good fellowship

Engaging critically and compassionately with the effects of web 2.0 (the “social” web) on our online communities, I’m interested in how the capitalization of our psyches may offer a map for a new infrastructure of care and collaboration. What does psychic sovereignty look like for those who are looking to build a community rooted in liberation? By looking at something as universal as water and the structures of wells, we might be able to construct features, journeys, and design processes co-mutually beneficial to all.


A live talk to a group of Minneapolis College of Art and Design students and a Baptist congregation on the confluence of creativity, spirituality and  social practice for a group exhibition: Marrow.




“Power in Progress” explores the social and cultural forces that contribute to shifting attitudes towards traditional sources of power.

A study of Gen Z through the lens of the technology that guides their lives, as well as their understandings of self, community, and futurity.

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What started as a weekly report tracking cultural shifts and behavior changes with the rise of COVID-19, turned into a monthly study that followed the pandemic halo effect of rapid social and cultural shifts. This issue focuses on the 2020 election and the pop-ification of politics.

A Library of Possibilities for Reimagining the Web

A limited edition print publication by Sublime.

A meeting place for the voices, perspectives, provocations and wisdom of myriad thinkers, creators and doers who have dedicated themselves to realizing a new vision for the internet.

Asking: How can we reimagine the ways in which information is created, shared, distributed, monetized, and consumed?

This publication is for you. For every you who has yearned for new ways to be, new ways to build, new assumptions to question.

Let's find better ways.

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A newsletter and art-bot project that explores the relationship between technology, spirituality and creativity. Occasional collaborations and conversations with other artists sprinkle throughout an anti-editorialized stream of subconsciousness

I have presented research studies and personal praxis at some of the biggest conferences, summits and brand headquarters around the world. I am available for collaborative projects, speaking opportunities, panels or lectures in 2024.

panels and talks

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