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Hawa is a symbologist of social change and innovation. While most comfortable in liminal spaces, she considers Washington D.C. and Afghanistan two geographies of origin.

Her transdisciplinary practice has touched the worlds of fine art, fashion, tech, media, diplomacy and journalism. Across her career she has creative directed multi-national campaigns, gone into the field researching the effects of war on widows and children in Afghanistan, and studied youth culture across America.

Her field research, writing and creative work explore things like: the controlling mechanisms of power, digital intimacy, cultural folklore, aesthetic provocations of human behavior and benevolent technology.

Amin-Arsala holds a BA with Honors from UC Berkeley in Media Studies (2010) with a concentration on the intersections of violence, meaning making and mass consciousness.

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In 2010, Hawa co-founded the new media platform and agency Browntourage, leading to a stint as Director of Creative Strategy and Cultural Intelligence at ViacomCBS.

Amin-Arsala was a 2021 SHIFT fellow at Somewhere Good—an emergent, 100% ad free social platform—studying the intersections of technology and social justice.

In 2022, she was a Field Stations fellow with the Wright-Ingraham Institute studying the effects of drought and climate change in ecologically critical regions of the American Southwest.

With equity and anthropological study guiding her work, Hawa aims to purify the future through collaboration, innovation, and heart.

She is currently on sabbatical from institutional work, self-publishing her musings through Reality Streaming and pursuing a certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

what they're saying...

"Hawa Arsala emanates grace and exuberance. Both her bountiful spirit and judicious thinking are reflected consistently throughout the extensive work she has contributed to." -JournalNYC

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"It's a task that demands authenticity, and Arsala looks at millennial culture with an eye that's equally curious, curatorial, and critical." -Bon Appetit

"Hawa Amin-Arsala is an intellectual and spiritual thermostat for any room she enters. She is a listener capable of providing a pure and generative energy source. When we work together, it's a strategic, conceptual, and creative partnership. Her perspectives function with the power of vulnerability in business and life.

-Charles Hall

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